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Support F.A.Q.s

Here are some of the more common questions and subsequent answers that our Technical Team are asked on a daily basis; see below if there is a resolution for an issue you are experiencing.



My Mac is prompting me to install OS X El Capitan, should I?

Apple has released their latest Mac OS X Upgrade, El Capitan, as usual unfortunately though, with every OS X Upgrade, comes compatibility issues. Please check our compatibility chart here for the latest information about compatible software.

My Computer is prompting me to Upgrade to Windows 10, how can I stop it?

Microsoft are now offering Windows 10 as a general update for all Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. In order to disable the automatic update (which could render your assistive software unusable) please follow the below tips and slides.

1. Navigate to your “Control Panel” and in the search box type “windows update”. Click on “Windows Update”.

Windows 10.1

2. Click on “Show all Available Updates”.

Windows 10.2

3. Click on “Optional” tab (“Important” tab may be selected by default).

Windows 10.3

4. Look for “Upgrade to Windows 10”, remove the tick from the tick box, right click on the update and left click on “Hide Update”.

Windows 10.4

If you have any questions relating to compatibility why not check our compatibility chart here.

What if my trackpad stops working?

The solution is to press and hold the ‘Function’ button [Fn] then press one of the following keys:

Toshiba – F5
Acer – F7
Dell – F8
Packard Bell – F6
Asus – F9

What if my Battery no longer holds a charge?

Support on batteries varies between manufacturers, typically batteries will be covered for the first 12 months. Please contact technical support on 01432 271233.

I have moved my Desktop and now my display has stopped working?

The majority of desktop computers have two locations to connect your monitor, please verify that your blue VGA (Monitor Cable) is connected to the lower most port.

Desktop Monitor Ports








My Computer won’t start up, what are my options?

For in depth support please call us on 01432 271233.

If you are in a rush you can run the WBS Recovery by visiting

My computer is prompting me to install Windows 10, should I?

Microsoft are rolling out the free upgrade to Windows 10 for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for free, however there are some compatibility issues with the Assistive Software that we have provided, for the latest information on compatibility please check here.

Office 2016/365 Activation

Activate Office 2016/365

1. Open an Office application, such as Word.
2. Do one of the following:
3. For one-time purchases of Office, go to File > Account > Activate Product
4. For Office 365 subscriptions, go to File > Account > Sign in.
5. Select Enter Product Key under the email address field
6. Enter the Product key provided.

If the above does not work, please try the instructions listed below;

Redeem your product key and associate a Microsoft account with Office

Step 1: Find your product key and redeem it
Locate the 25-character product key which uses a combination of 25 letters and numbers on the back of your product card or on your receipt. It looks like this:


2. Go to and enter your key.


Step 2: Sign in with a Microsoft account.

On the Office sign in page, enter the Microsoft account email address and password that you’d like to associate with this copy of Office, and select Sign in.
If you don’t have an existing Microsoft account, select Sign up now and follow the prompts to create an account; or follow the steps to Create an account.


Remember this email address!
This Microsoft account email address and password is now associated with your copy of Office and you’ll always use this account to sign in to the My Office Account page ( to install or reinstall Office, or to choose custom install options.
For Office 365 subscribers only: This is also the email address and password you’ll use to manage your Office 365 account, share Office, and renew your subscription. Additionally, if you use any of the Office mobile apps on your iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device and you sign in to the app with this Microsoft account, you have access to the app’s extra features which is exclusive to Office 365 subscribers. See Office 365 mobile setup – Help for steps to set up Office on your mobile device.


2. Select the Country/Region and Language and then select Continue.


This takes you to the My Office Account page.

From here, you should be able to sign out of the Microsoft website and enter the email address you have just created or assigned to a Microsoft account. It will then run through the set-up of Office.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01432 845 139 or you can send an email on

My Mac is asking me for a password?

Occasionally when using your Mac, it may prompt you to type in a password to authorise an action, in such instances there is no password actually set. You can simply press enter, and it will allow you to proceed forward with the action that you wish to do.


Where can I purchase Ink Cartridges for my printer?

We are happy to provide you with all your future IT needs, including print cartridges and paper. Please contact us for a quote on 01432 271 233.

Can I Upgrade my Computer?

If you are yet to book in your delivery, you can Upgrade your order, we have some options on our site, please visit our Upgrades Page for further information, or contact our Upgrades Team for more information.

The majority of computer upgrades must take place before the order is shipped, however on some models HDD and RAM upgrades can take place afterwards, please contact us for a quote if you have already got a computer.

Can you sell me a replacement Battery?

Wyvern has access to a wide range of spare parts for various makes and models of notebook and desktop computers, please contact us for a quote for any replacement parts that you may need.

Can I extend my Maintenance & Support and Insurance?

You certainly can, we can offer a maximum of 5 Years cover for your machine from it’s purchase date, this also applies to machines that we have not supplied as well.

Please get in contact for a quote.


What do I need to do to get training organised for my AT software?

Look at your DSA2 or Entitlement letter, this will have the contact details of your training provider, or call us and we can assist; 01432 271233.

Can I buy additional training sessions?

Yes, please contact us for a quote on 01432 271233


My computer is being collected, how should I package it?

Depending on the type of collection we would require that the computer is placed in its original packaging with all of the original foam inserts. Please refer to your collection email for further details.

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